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Our country has quickly achieved major health goals over the past 10 years. We are proud of our doctors and practitioners for their successful treatments, from cosmetic surgery to cardiovascular operations, dental care and in vitro fertilization operations.

Health tourism is defined as the travel of a person to other countries in order to obtain appropriate medical and nursing care. Moreover, these people travel not only for the purpose of treatment, but also for screening and inspection. And the number of people who travel for this reason alone is large enough to note.

People couldn’t even spare time for their health these days due to our rapidly accelerating fast-paced life culture. For this reason, we offer rest holidays with health care trips at the same time.

With globalization, travel between countries has become easier, telecommunication levels have increased significantly and these global achievements have created a great opportunity to become a healthcare hub for countries that have already developed healthcare systems. .

From the Middle East to European countries, many people from all over the world come to our country for medical reasons. These trips and stays help our economy grow considerably.

We can list the reasons why these patients choose this type of tourism;

Technologically developed clinics
Short waiting time for treatments
Several treatment options
To be honest, health tourism has many sub-themes such as; medical tourism, thermal tourism, senior tourism and disabled tourism.

Our country is one of the few countries that can serve all these sub-themes of health tourism. Additionally, as patients also have vacation expectations, our country can meet these expectations by being geopolitically one of the best countries in the world.

Health tourism supports our country with foreign exchange inflows, also provides a flow of tourists and makes our country the focal point.

Let’s talk about our area of ​​expertise, oral health tourism.

Teeth are very important structures for human existence; teeth have a very important place in our lives in terms of aesthetics, self-confidence, health, effects of the social environment and taste of the mouth.

We, Esnan Oral Care Center, take care of foreign patients from other countries privately with our valuable dentists and team.

We welcome patients coming from abroad with our special vehicle at the airport, organize their accommodation and help them throughout their treatment.

So, they both visit our beautiful city and at the same time they are treated in the most reliable way and gain oral health.

For our patients from abroad, we offer;

Hollywood smile
Surgical and non-surgical,

All operations and treatments are carried out with specialized medical personnel as soon as possible, and we send our patients to their country with the treatment completed.

Nef Clinic 

Nef Clinic 

Nef Clinic 

Nef Clinic 

Nef Clinic 

Why Our

Clients Like Us

We love that our clients trust us to provide guidance and advice and the highest quality of care…. We appreciate all of the positive feedback we are consistently provided and that truly drives us to be a leader in dentistry for our clients. Thank you to every client who puts their trust and smiles in our skilled hands.

Great Location

Located in İstanbul Turkey known as the “Turkish Riviera”. Hot and dry in summers and temperate winters. Sunshine is guaranteed from April to October and the winters are pleasantly mild.

Award Winning

Dental Professor Betul and her team of dental professionals are award winning dentists and the latest news, the new Antalya clinic has been nominated for the best design award in 2022.

Accredited Professionals

All our team are accredited members of the Turkish Dental Association.

Awesome Office

Every part of the clinic space has been conceived with the patient’s wellbeing in mind, sensitively designed to provide patients with a tranquil luxurious environment.

Professional Tools

Using the latest materials, tools and techniques in dentistry to achieve the best results in smile design.

Caring Team

We strive to achieve a balance of personal care and exceptional first class dentistry. We are passionate about helping patients feel comfortable, informed and valued as they reach their dental dreams.